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Hasufel's Wife Dungeon

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are you fed up with the direction my opponent, hasufell, is leading kentkucky and ohio?

do you feel misled by the radical cuckold policies my opponent hrufton is sneakily putting in place?

my opponent hausulf ran on a platform of equitable distribution of wifes. has that happened? no!

instead, hulfter has ‘equitably distributed’ all the local wife’s… to himself to do as he pleases.

the system remains rigged.

are the voters of kenktucky and ohoi going to continue to allow this to happen?

can we continue to allow this kind of hruft in our institutions?

how long will hurfington continue to PILLAGE our budget??

this election, vote to stop the hruft. vote for kentucky and ohio’s future.

we can get hasuful out of office.


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